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World Cinema 


  • Doha Tribeca 2012: Bollywood is like a picnic ground, quips Anupam Kher
    Doha Tribeca 2012: Robert De Niro enthrals Doha
    Doha Tribeca 2012: Doha Film Fest's opening film takes a fresh look at extremism
    Doha Tribeca 2012: Mira Nair's The Reluctant Fundamentalist to open Doha Festival
    A mix of Arab and Indian films at DTFF
    Doha Tribeca 2012: Yash Chopra to be honoured at Doha Tribeca Film Festival
    Doha Tribeca 2012: Doha Film Festival to highlight Arab cinema
    Abu Dhani 2012: Abu Dhabi Film Fest gripping
  • Abu Dhabi 2012: The film festival disease: Celebrating Indian poverty
    Abu  Dhabi 2012: The Patience Stone
    Abu Dhabi 2012: Soot and stain do not make India
    Abu Dhabi 2012: Mumbai's Child King
    Abu Dhabi 2012: Child is the father of man
    Abu Dhabi 2012: Everyday
    Abu Dhabi 2012: Mumbai Cha Raja
    Abu Dhabi 2012: Abu Dhabi Film Fest opens on a stary note
    Abu Dhabi 2012: Abu Dhabi Festival sets stage for global films
    Abu Dhabi 2012: Abu Dhabi Fest all set to showcase Arab cinema
    Abu Dhabi 2012: Shabana Azmi to chair Abu Dhabi Film Fest jury
    Abu Dhabi 2012: Abu Dhabi Film Fest gets a new Director
    Abu Dhabi 2012: Richard Gere's Arbitrage to open Abu Dhabi Film Fest
    Venice 2012: Ventian violets
    Venice 2012: Controversy dogs Venice Film Fest prizes


    Venice 2012: Love Is All You Need, Mr Brosnan

    Venice 2012: Wadjda: The angst of Saudi women

    Venice 2012: I was dazzled by the culture: Mira Nair on Pak and The Reluctant Fundamentalist

    Venice 2012: Lure of Lido lingers

    Venice 2012: Mira Nair's The Reluctant Fundamentalist

    Venice 2012: Mira Nair's film to roll Venice's 80th birthday

    Venice 2012: Will Venice Film Fest deliver

    Venice 2012: The Golden Lion roars

    Venice 2012: American movie legend to be honoured at Venice

    Venice 2012: First look: Mira Nair's The Reluctant Fundamentalist

    Venice 2012: Shekhar Kapur to head a jury in Venice Film Fest

    Cannes 2012: Gangs of India (II)

    Cannes 2012: Gangs of India (I)

    Cannes 2012: Is Indian cinema changing?

    Cannes 2012: Rain-soaked Cannes saves itself with great films

    Cannes 2012: Love wins top prize at Cannes

    Cannes 2012: A discomforting tale of love from Cannes

    Cannes 2012: Ken Loach's bitter-sweet comedy moves Cannes

    Cannes 2012: The cocktail at Cannes

    Cannes 2012: Meaningful masala at Cannes

    Cannes 2012: Cannes salutes Uday Shankar

    Cannes 2012: Indian summer at Cannes

    Cannes 2012: Cannes Film Fest begins on a Hollywood note

    Cannes 2012: Uday Shankar's 1948 Kalpana at Cannes Classics

    Cannes 2012: The Cannes collection

    Cannes 2012: Miss Lovely is India's entry at Cannes

    Cannes 2012: Cannes Film Fest's actual list revealed at last

    Cannes 2012: Claude Miller's last film to close Cannes

    Cannes 2012: Tim Roth to head A Certain Regard jury at Cannes

    Cannes 2012: In the Cannes?

    Cannes 2012: Heroine, Shanghai, Inkaar make it to Cannes?

    Cannes 2012:Leaked list a lie

    Cannes 2012: Bruce Willis work to open fest

    Cannes 2012: Marilyn Monroe seduces on poster

    Cannes 2012: Nanni Moretti to chair jury

    Doha Tribeca 2011: Reviews

    Doha Tribeca 2011: An Arab spring in autumn

    Doha Tribeca 2011: Spring at Doha Film Fest

    Doha Tribeca 2011: Films on frustrated artists and bizarre occurrences win Doha's top prizes 

    Doha Tribeca 2011: Besson says Suu Kyi is immortal

    Doha Tribeca 2011: The Lady

    Doha Tribeca 2011: Doha basks in the warmth of Arab Spring

    Doha Tribeca 2011: Doha's Opening Black Gold disappoints

    Doha Tribeca 2011: Miramax to offer Qatar students hands-on experience

    Doha Tribeca 2011: Doha Film Fest set to grow bigger

    Doha Tribeca 2011: Doha Film Fest truly international

    Doha Tribeca 2011: Photographer Lacombe to partner with Doha Film Institute

    Doha Tribeca 2011: Doha Film Institute to fund Mira Nair's film

    Doha Tribeca 2011: Fest to close with Aung San Suu Kyi biopic

    Doha Tribeca 2011: 14 Arab films to vie at Doha Festival



    Abu Dhabi 2011: Trishna


    Abu Dhabi 2011: India wins top honours at Abu Dhabi Fest


    Abu Dhabi 2011: Frieda Pinto starrer Trishna screened at Abu Dhabi Fest


    Abu Dhabi 2011: An anguishing voyage


    Abu Dhabi 2011: Flowers of Evil


    Abu Dhabi 2011: A look at the other India


    Abu Dhabi 2011: Winterbottom's India-based Trishna to vie at Abu Dhabi Fest


    Abu Dhabi 2011: Winterbottom's India-based Trishna at Abu Dhabi Fest


    Abu Dhabi 2011: Moving French drama opens Abu Dhabi Film Fest


    Abu Dhabi 2011: Abu Dhabi Fest to screen Charulata as Tagore tribute


    Abu Dhabi 2011: The stars of Abu Dhabi


    Abu Dhabi 2011: A classic revisited


    Abu Dhabi 2011: Abu Dhabi Film Fest to open with Canada's Oscar entry



    Abu Dhabi 2011: Two new awards for shorts at Abu Dhabi Film Fest


    Venice 2011: Scandal, shame and glory at Venice

    Venice 2011: A beguling cocktail of hits and misses


    Venice 2011: Andrea Arnold's Wuthering Heights screened at Venice Fest


    Venice 2011: Film at Venice features tough labour conditions in China

    Venice 2011: Michael Fassbender's Shame makes us proud


    Venice 2011: Soderbergh plots a virus of nervousness


    Venice 2011: David Cronenberg's Method charms Venice


    Venice 2011: Roman Polanski's Carnage is sheer delight


    Venice 2011: Venice cavorts with controversy

    Venice 2011: Indian cinema happy at home


    Venice 2011: George Clooney's The Ides of March sets Fest rolling


    Venice 2011: Festival kicks off tomorrow


    Venice 2011: The news on the Rialto


    Venice 2011: Damsels in Distress to close Venice fest


    Venice 2011: Indian film at Venice


    Venice 2011: Impressive jury lined up


    Venice 2011: George Clooney's film to open Venice fest


    Cannes 2011: Feasting on disinformation



    Cannes 2011: Cannes gives Palm D'Or to American movie

    Cannes 2011: Cannes looks at the dilemmas of kids

    Cannes 2011: Cannes bars "Nazi" Lars

    Cannes 2011: Cannes loves to shock 

    Cannes 2011: Aishwarya's 'Heroine' launched Cannes 2011: Aishwarya's 'Heroine' launched 

    Cannes 2011: India Pavillion shines

    Cannes 2011: Cannes begins on a delightful note

    Cannes 2011: India is all over Cannes

    Cannes 2011:Woody Allen's Midnight in Paris to set Cannes rolling

    Cannes 2011: Anil Kapur to promote upcoming film at Cannes

    Cannes 2011: An Indian film as an afterthought

    Cannes 2011: Law, Thurman on jury

    Cannes 2011: No Indian movieCannes 2011: Cannes' striptease 


    Cannes 2011: Faye Dunaway is poster girl  


    Cannes 2011: Buzz About Cannes 


    Cannes 2011: Midnight in Paris to open Fest 


    Cannes 2011: Robert De Niro to chair jury 


    Dubai 2010: Movies of substance

    Dubai 2010: Fearless tales


    Dubai 2010: Bold Iranian cinema


    Dubai 2010: Karan Johar in Dubai


    Dubai 2010: Wide canvas


    Dubai 2010: Middle Eastern cinema bold


    Dubai 2010: "The King Speech" an apt opener

    Dubai 2010: Dubai and diversity
    Dubai 2010: Indian winter at Dubai
    Dubai 2010: Fine cinema at the coming Dubai Film Festival
    Dubai 2010: Acclaimed The King's Speech to open Dubai Film Fest
    Abu Dhabi 2010: The brightest Khan 
    Abu Dhabi 2010: Pan Singh Tomar reviewed in Screen International
    Abu Dhabi 2010: Russian work gets top prize
    Abu Dhabi 2010: Of runner, dacoits and rebels
    Abu Dhabi 2010: Paan Singh Tomar premiers
    Abu Dhabi: Murali Nair's bleating goat
    Abu Dhabi 2010: The delightful tale of a bleating goat
    Abu Dhabi 2010: A veritable feast for the eyes 
    Abu Dhabi 2010: About once upon a time Yugoslavia  
    Abu Dhabi 2010: The legend of Ray haunts Abu Dhabi
    Abu Dhabi 2010: Bosnian director rues division of Yugoslavia
    Abu Shabi 2010: An amazing Adrian
    Abu Dhabi 2010: Autograph tribute to Ray
    Abu Dhabi 2010: Lights, Camera, Action
    Abu Dhabi 2010: Festival brings marvels of the world
    Abu Dhabi 2010: Set for Festival
    Abu Dhabi 2010:"Autograph" to premiere
    Abu Dhabi 2010: Middle East to be highlighted   
    Abu Dhabi 2010: Short films to be celebrated too
    Venice 2010: Venetian charm  
    Venice 2010: Yellow Boots, but where's thrill? 
    Venice 2010: Political Venice
    Venice 2010: A storm in the Venetian teacup
    Venice 2010: Kashyap's Girl in Yellow Boots
    Venice 2010: Educating Frieda 
    Venice 2010: Venice honours Mani Ratnam
    Venice 2010: John Woo honoured
    Venice 2010: Frieda's Venice
    Venice 2010: Jafar Panahi's music melts Venice 
    Venice 2010: Venice kicks off with Black Swan 
    Venice 2010: Venetian Vista
    Venice 2010: A Young Venice  
    Venice 2010: Two Indian movies at Venice
    Venice 2010: Black Swan to open Fest

    Cannes 2010: Bold and beautiful

    Cannes 2010: Of Gods and Men

    Cannes 2010: Faltering in the festival circuit

    Cannes 2010: Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past lives

    Cannes 2010: Upsets mark Cannes Palms

    Cannes 2010: A Korean gem

    Cannes 2010: Guesses

    Cannes 2010: Woody Allen disappoints

    Cannes 2010: Udaan does not soar

    Cannes 2010: Udaan flies into Cannes

    Cannes 2010: Repressing cinema

    Cannes 2010: Venice to honour Mani Ratnam

    Cannes 2010: Mike Leigh at Cannes

    Cannes 2010: Raavan unveiled at Cannes

    Cannes 2010: Mrinal Sen's film in Cannes Classics

    Cannes 2010: Chaos and controversy at Cannes

    Cannes 2010: Shekhar Kapur announces Paani at Cannes

    Cannes 2010L: More art than glamour this year 

    Cannes 2010: India Pavillion has no 'Udaan' poster 

    Cannes 2010: The darling and the demon 

    Cannes 2010: Aishwarya Rai walks the red carpet

    Cannes 2010: Robin Hood opens Cannes Film Festival  

    Cannes 2010: Festival to savour beauty of cinema 

    Cannes 2010: Robin Hood director to miss Cannes

    Cannes 2010: Reel of honour 

    Cannes 2010: A 'Different Pilgrimage' at Cannes 

    Cannes 2010: Woody Allen will be at Cannes

    Cannes 2010: Indian film, Udaan, at Cannes

    Cannes 2010: An Asian summer at Cannes 

    Cannes 2010: Festival to screen Indian movie, Udaan

    Cannes 2010: Kristin Scott Thomas to host Cannes 

    Cannes 2010: Kites may screen at Cannes

    Cannes 2010: Robin Hood to open Festival on May 12 

    Cannes 2010: Will Burton bring sweet madness to Cannes?

    Cannes 2010: Tim Burton to head Cannes Fest jury

    Cannes 2010: Will Woody Allen be at Cannes this summer? 


    Emir Kusturica sees grim times for cinema

    Mexican film wins top prize

    The best of the Festival

    Jim Jarmusch's India plan?

    Ben Kingsley hopes to be cinema's envoy

    Elia Suleiman places hope on Obama

    "Ben Kingley should not play Shah Jahan"

    Rituparno Ghosh gives Marrakech a miss

    Marrakech opens with a feel-good film

    Rituparno Ghosh gives Marrakech a miss  

    Nandita Das on jury

    Marrakech Festival a boon for local cinema

    Abbas Kiarostami to head Marrakech jury

    Venice 2009: Anurag Kashyap on Venice competition jury

    Venice 2009: The Venetian Sorrow

    Venice 2009: Black Venice

    Venice 2009: Israel's 'Lebanon' wins Golden Lion at Venice

    Venice 2009: Political fancies at the Venice Film Festival

    Venice 2009: Delhi 6: Out of Competition at Vence - A Review

    Venice 2009: Politicians livid over Venice Festival film

    Venice 2009: "Bad Lieutenant" creates bad blood between two directors in Venice

    Venice 2009: Dev.D: Out of Competition at Venice - A Review

    Venice 2009: Gulaal : Out of Competition at Venice - A Review

    Venice 2009: Clooney and Damon star attractions at Venice

    Venice 2009: Baaria Opens Venice Film Festival

    Venice 2009: Cinema Paradiso

    Venice 2009: Anurag Kashyap on Venice jury

    Venice 2009: Moore's 'Capitalism, 70 others to premiere at Venice

    Venice 2009: An Indian summer at Venice

    Venice 2009: Anurag Kashyap on Venice competition jury

    Venice 2009: Venice Festival may be strong on European fare

    Cannes 2009: Golden Palms

    Cannes 2009: Bloody

    Cannes 2009: Probable Palm clinchers

    Cannes 2009: Violence, sex rule cinema

    Cannes 2009: Market flies through economic meldown

    Cannes  2009; Masterly disappointments

    Cannes 2009: Lars Von Trier shocks

    Cannes 2009: Indian dreams and desperations

    Cannes 2009: Keats' poetry, Campion's reading

    Cannes 2009: Lou Ye's controversial disaster

    Cannes  2009: Opens with 3-Adventure, Up

    Cannes 2009: Clash of titans on the croisette

    Cannes 2009: Sexy sirens and political propagandists

    Cannes 2009: Is Sharmila Tagore right?

    Cannes 2009: Amid gloom, Cannes set to sparkle

    Cannes 2009: The stars in Cannes' dark skies

    Cannes 2009: Chinese director defies Beijing

    Cannes 2009: Unveils lineup of masters

    Cannes 2009: Almodovar's Broken Promises and other probables

    Cannes 2009: Tarantino's Inglorious Basterds to compete

    Cannes 2009 :3D animated film, Up, to open Festival on May 13

    Cannes 2009: Honours Clint Eastwood

    Venice 2008

    Cannes 2008: The choice

    Cannes 2008: Zero for India

    Marrakech 2007: Gripping

    Venice 2007: Umbrella

    Venice 2007: Cleopatra

    Venice 2007: A fixer and a sleuth

    Venice 2007: Beyond the Years

    Venice 2007: Searchers 2.0

    Venice 2007: Triumphing against odds

    Venice 2007: Glory to the Filmmaker

    Venice 2007: The Horror that Iraq is

    Venice 2007: Dark period movies to begin with

    Cannes 2007: The Edge of Heaven

    Cannes 2007: Gus Van Sant and Paranoid Park

    Cannes 2007: Killers and Killings 

    Cannes 2007: Political cinema

    Cannes 2007: More on the spy

    Cannes 2007: The prizes

    Cannes 2007: The spy who came in from the cold

    Cannes 2007: The second half

    Cannes 2007: Guess time

    Cannes 2007: Breath of Zodiac

    Cannes 2007: The Newsmakers

    Cannes 2007: French musical, Russian Banishment and Tautou as Coco

    Cannes 2007: Of Europe and Asia

    Cannes 2007: Wong Kar-wai’s Blueberry starter

    Cannes 2007: Bollywood calls on Cannes

    Cannes 2007: At 60, looking back on magic and mirth

    Deauville Asian Film Festival 2007: The Good and the not so good

    Marrakech 2006: Indians stay away

    Marrakech 2006: Bachchan to be honoured

    Cannes 2006: Babel is a babel of events

    Cannes 2006: Depardieu's Soliloques in The Singer

    Cannes 2006: Ken Loach's barley and roses

    Cannes 2006: Volver is magnificence

    Cannes 2006: Minimalism, too

    Cannes 2006: Political delights

    Cannes 2006: Top prize for Ken Loach

    Cannes 2006: The Da Vinci Code reviewed

    Cannes 2006: Usual suspects missing

    Cannes 2006: The Da Vinci Code to open the festival

    Cannes 2006: First ever Chinese jury president

    Cannes 2005: Jarmusch & Wenders

    Cannes 2005: French cinema

    Cannes 2005: David Cronenberg's A History of Violence

    Cannes 2005: Lars von Trier's Manderlay

    Cannes 2005: Woody Allen's Match Point

    Cannes 2005: Artistic Director loves Indian Cinema

    Cannes 2005: Explosion of Indian presence

    Cannes 2005: Old formula sans controversy

    Cannes 2005: Nandita Das on the main international jury

    Deauville Asian Film Festival 2005: Fulfilling experience

    Cannes 2004: The gems

    Cannes 2004: Moore gets Golden Palm

    Cannes 2004: Palm and politics

    Cannes 2004: Moore explodes with his documentary

    Cannes 2004: In and out

    Cannes 2004: The French Riviera is ready for movie madness

    Cannes 2004: Moore to step in with controversy

    Cannes 2004: No Indian entry

    Cannes 2004: Ready to lighten moods

    Deauville Asian Film Festival 2004: Entertaining











    Dubai 2010: Style and substance to mark the Fest

    Cannes 2011: Lars Von Trier may not be lucky this time





    Academy Awards 2011: Oscars shorlist of best pic inspiring

    Academy Awards 2011: Why Peepli (Live)?

    Academy Awards 2010: Oscars' other considerations

    Academy Awards 2010: An Education

    Academy Awards 2010:Up

    Academy Awards 2010:A Serious Man

    Academy Awards 2010: District 9 Reviewed 

    Academy Awards 2010:The predictions

    Academy Awards 2010: Inglorious Basterds Reviewed 

    Academy Awards 2010:The Hurt Locker Reviewed

    Academy Awards 2010: Christopher Waltz 

    Academy Awards 2010: George Clooney

    Academy Awards 2010: Meryl Streep 

    Academy Awards 2010: SandraBullock

    Academy Awards 2010 : A tale of two  actresses

    Academy Awards 2010: The famous five fight

    Academy Awards 2010: The Oscar rivals

    Academy Awards 2010: Haneke, Audiard & Oscars 

    Academy Awards 2010: Foreign language Oscars unpredictable

    Academy Awards 2010: Better Indian film for the Oscars

    Academy Awards 2007: The Departed Indian flavour

    Academy Awards 2007: "Rang De Basanti" out

    Academy Awards 2006: Mountain Crashes among winners

    Academy Awards 2006: Hopefuls

    Academy Awards 2006: Nominations for smaller, personal films

    Academy Awards 2005: No Oscar for Scorsese, yet again

    Fox closes shop in India

    Academy Awards 2005: Triumph of spirit in the Foreign Language Category

    Interpreter: Film being shot inside U.N.

    Academy Awards 2004: Bowled over by fantasy

    Academy Awards 2004: Nominations unspool surprises



    Three Colours: Blue, White and Red : Kieslowski's trilogy...  



    Potter Mania

    Miami Vice: Cops with dash and daring

    Downfall - Trying to give a human face to a monster: Review

    The Constant Gardner – An African journey: Review

    Lady in the Water – Not even a fairytale: Review

    A History of Violence - Mocking us with a message: Review

    Brokeback Mountain – A gentle version of Westerns: Review

    Zhang Ziyi double cross

    Saviour Superman Returns

    Capote - Ruthless pursuit of a dream: Review

    Syriana – Oil politics: Review

    Basic Instinct 2 – A study in desperation: Review

    After the Sunset – Diamonds and love: Review

    Cracking the Da Vinci Code

    Walk the Line - Song of love: Review

    Crash - Black is not beautiful: Review

    Pride and Prejudice - Not quite Austen: Review

    The Interpreter – Gripping work: Review

    War of the Worlds – Disappointing, though visually great: Review

    The Interpreter

    Hitch - A dumb affair: Review

    Shall We Dance - Not enough toe-tapping: Review

    The Aviator - Not Scorsese's best: Review

    Alexander - abridged version disappointing: Review

    Bride and Prejudice: Rubbishing Jane Austen

    The Village - A silly joke: Review

    Mystic River: Review

    Fahrenheit 9/11: Temperatures soar

    Troy: Review

    Fahrenheit 9/11: Not for all

    50 First Dates: Review

    Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban: Soulless saga

    The Passion of the Christ: Gibson's passion

    The Passion of the Christ: Review

    Something's Gotta Give: Review

    Gothika: Review

    Hellboy: Of beasts and beauties

    Mona Lisa Smile: Inspiring a generation

    Mona Lisa Smile: Review

    Cold Mountain - Loving through a war: Review

    The Last Samurai: Hollywood spectacle


    Exciting times ahead for movie buffs  



    Gong Li is a Hollywood star, finally

    Shohei Imamura: Exploring the dark and the forbidding

    Ismail Merchant: The film behind the movie

    Cary Grant is still adorable

    Steven Spielberg: An intelligent entertainer

    Marlon Brando: Brilliance behind the mumble

    Jack Nicholson: An enduring affair






    Bertolucci to be honoured


    Bertolucci to be honoured


    Bertolucci to be honoured


    Bertolucci to be honoured


    Bertolucci to be honoured


    Bertolucci to be honoured







    Bertolucci to be honoured

    Cannes 2011: Different standards for different folks