Tamil films:Fading footfalls

Tamil cinema’s net domestic collections fell by five per cent from Rs 996 crores in 2016 to Rs 946 crores last year. In 2017, some 200-plus Tamil movies were produced, compared with 150-odd in Hindi.The recent months have been pretty bad.

Breathe,Madhavan sparkles

Madhavan is fascinating as a father deeply troubled by his boy’s impending doom and terribly conflicted as a god-fearing Christian pushed into committing such a devilish act. He portrays almost divine tenderness and brutishness in Breathe.

Cate Blanchett and Cannes

Australian actress Cate Blanchett will head the main international jury at the Cannes Film Festival, running this year from May 8 to 19. The actress follows the Spanish master, Pedro Almodovar, who chaired the Cannes jury’s  edition last May.





Dubai International Film Festival 2017


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Cannes Film Festival 2017


Dhaka International Film Festival 2017


International Film Festival of India 2017







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